The PRCA was created for Ropes Challenge Course, Ziplines, and Aerial Adventure Parks. This is an important distinction as the PRCA has been producing these standards since 2003, while other associations would take another six years to recognize these new industry markets.  The current Board of Directors are listed below.  Board members serve on a voluntary basis and are not compensated for their time or commitment.  Further, the entire PRCA membership is included in the nomination and election of these leadership positions. Appropriate term limits expire at the annual conference each year.

2023 PRCA Board of Directors and Officers

Gus Denzik, President
ProImage Adventures, Latham, OH

Mike Barker Vice President
Adventure MAS, New Haven, CT

Steve Gustafson, Treasurer
EBL Zip Line Tours, Rockford, IL

Kurt Sampley, Secretary
EBL Zip Line Tours, Rockford, IL

Sean Fisher
Consensus Body PRCA Rep. Mansfield, CT


Jack Kerns, Advisory Board
Team Adventures, Coffeyville, KS