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In today's world certification is the buzz word. More and more regulatory agencies and authorities are requiring inspectors and instructors to be certified by a recognized national or international certifying body. To answer this need for the industry the PRCA is offering formal certifications for course inspectors and staff instructors. The Certification programs are not training events to learn these various skills; they are a PRCA formal testing of your skills and knowledge to perform these valuable services to our industry. The certification programs address the various applicable industry standards and regulatory issues including ANSI, ASTM, OSHA and of course the comprehensive ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3-2014 American National Safety Standards for our industry. ********** FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK ON THE FOLDERS BELOW FOR THE INSPECTION CERTIFICATION AND/OR QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION. ********** CLICK ON THE PDFs BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE CERTIFICATION POLICIES, CODE OF ETHICS AND APPLICATIONS.
File vCalendar interchange file PRCA Certification Program Code of Ethics
Click on link below to download.
File PRCA Certification Program Policies 2017
Click on link below to download.
File APPLICATION - Qualified Instructor Certification
Candidates must complete this application and submit applicable fees and documentation to the PRCA before being assigned a testing admittance identification number. Be sure to read and meet the eligibility requirements for this certification before submitting the application. Refunds are not available. In extreme circumstances the Certification Examination Board may grant credit towards the next testing. This must be applied for in writing by the candidate with documentation of the circumstances. Click on link below to download.
Required application for renewal of Qualified Instructor Certification. Click on link below to download.
Endorsement application for supervision of other instructors. Click on link below to download.
Whether your training is in-house or by a third party it can all be quality first generation training. Quality staff training should address the specifics of your courses/operations and ALL of the safety issues involved. Quality training is properly developed, delivered and documented by persons who are truly qualified to provide your staff training. Certified Qualified Instructors provide training in accordance with the ANSI/PRCA 1.0-.3 2014 American National Safety Standards' National Training Scheme and within their individual levels of industry knowledge, competency and experience. The National Training Scheme was developed through industry consensus and was based upon the highly successful Australian model. - It addresses all of the general aspects of our industry's staff training needs and includes many of the OSHA employee requirements. Other full industry standards do not do this! Click on the pages below for more information.
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