1. Instructions for submitting a proposed change to the standard under continuous maintenance.

Under the continuous maintenance procedures anyone may propose changes to the standard at any time. All sections of the standards are open for comment.

Comments and/or a recommended proposal for changes must be submitted in writing utilizing the required formatting and the form provided on the last page of each section of the standards. The form is also available here by download <Standards Continuous Maintenance Recommendation website form>


If the proposed change includes standards language to be added or deleted, the proposed change must be submitted in strikeout/underline format. (strikeout for deleted text, underline for added text). All proposed changes must be substantiated.

Supplemental documents to support the proposal may be included.

The completed written form must be submitted to the PRCA electronically as an email attachment addressed to info@prcainfo.org or by mail to PRCA SMC/SC, 6260 E. Riverside Blvd #104, Rockford, Illinois 61111.

If it is not possible for the submitter to access the web form or the form included within the standards documents, alternatively comments/proposals using the proper formatting may be sent to:

Professional Ropes Course Association
Attn: Standards Management Committee Chair
6260 E. Riverside Blvd. # 104
Rockford, IL 61111
Tele: (815) 986-7776

In addition the following person may be contacted by those interested in submitting changes:

Jack Kerns
Chair, Standards Management Committee

2. Review and Disposition of Proposals

All proposals received by the PRCA are acknowledged and forwarded to the Standards Management Committee and Standards Committee for consideration.

When the Standards Management Committee determines that a substantive number of comments/proposals for change have been received or when the Standards Management Committee determines that a specific safety standard(s) needs review the Standards Management Committee will schedule a Standards Committee meeting to review the comments/proposals, but not to exceed a period of one year if there are unaddressed comments/proposals.

The Standards Committee will review proposals, make determinations and ballot the determination/resolution as follows:. (A majority of members voting serves to approve the resolution.)

Resolutions are:

  • Proposal accepted without modification
  • Proposal accepted with modification
  • Proposal rejected
  • Proposal accepted for further study (Changes accepted for further study will be brought to the Standards Committee for resolution at the next scheduled meeting)
  • The Standards Committee will provide the writer of the proposal with a written response with the resolution and reasoning within 30 working days of the balloting of the proposal along with an estimated schedule for action on the proposal.

If the person making the proposal does not feel that the proposal received a fair hearing they must immediately (within 30 working days) in writing notify the PRCA Board of Directors with substantiation outlining their claim.

The Standards Management Committee will maintain a list of the proposed changes and the resolutions. This list may be made available by emailing info@prcainfo.org with the subject line “Request SMC changes/resolution List”

3. Accepted Proposals

Accepted proposals will be recorded in a changes log which will be available for public viewing under an “Accepted Changes” tab under the ANSI Standards tab on the www.prcainfo.org website.

4. Publication of New Editions of the American National Standard

The Standard Management Committee will determine when a substantive number of safety related changes or a substantive number of accepted changes have been received to justify a revision of the standard. At that time the Standards Committee will process and ballot a revision of the standard in accordance with the PRCA’s Accredited Procedures for consensus balloting. In no event is this process to exceed a four (4) year period without the standard being reviewed for revision or reaffirmation or withdrawal by the Standards Committee.